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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Introducing Darcy Berg

At the Racine retreat in March it was suggested that we profile our membership. Starting this month every two weeks a new SAQAIL/WI artist will be posting about themselves. I will be contacting each of our members to do this and I encourage you to think about what you would like our group to know about you. You can plan ahead and get your posts all ready. If you are willing to start soon please email me and I will put you on the calendar, otherwise I will be contacting all the members randomly until we have gone through the whole list.

Darcy Berg has agreed to start us out. So here is some info that she sent me.



My name is Darcy Berg. I grew up in northern Wisconsin.

The Wisconsin River and its abundance of wildlife was my backyard during my childhood. It was only natural for me to fall in love with nature. When I was seven years old I began sewing; when I was ten years old I picked up my first camera. After learning the basics of my craft, I began to apply the “what if” theory. Having been granted a seemingly unlimited imagination, I began to embellish the typical to create the inspirational. For years my focus was on producing garments. Desiring a more creative outlet, I turned my attention to the process of creating art dolls and art quilts. Today, my quilts, dolls, garments and photography do not simply exhibit the uncompromising hand of a qualified technician, or the careful application of color theory; they are a story that intrigues the viewer and makes them want to know more. My work is done in a medium of fabric manipulated by me through a series of painting and dyeing processes. I find this analogous to a painter mixing their own colors. My hand dyed and painted fabrics inspire me as projects begin to develop. Images taken with my camera are also a source of inspiration that is directly applied to my fabrics. Throughout my life, I have continued to use the needle and the eye of the camera to fulfill my passion to create and embellish images.

For more of Darcy’s work visit her website

Darcy Berg

Contemporary Art Quilts, Art Dolls, Photography




  1. Your artwork is beautiful Darcy! Thanks for sharing with us.

  2. So glad to know you and getting to know your art.

  3. Lovely work!! What part of Northern Wisconsin did you grow up in?