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Monday, July 18, 2011

Virginia A. Spiegel and Harder Than You Think

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Art Quilt Wins Award in WWW exhibit

"Harder Than You Think," by Virginia A. Spiegel, won a third place award in
the WWW exhibit at the Northfield Art Guild, Northfield, MN.

How has internet technology transformed contemporary life? Are we living
³virtual² lives at a dangerous remove from reality ‹ or are we in the
here-and-now thanks to instantaneous communication? On June 29th, the
Northfield Arts Guild opened its doors on an exhibit that examines how the
Upper Midwest¹s leading fiber and textile artists have answered these
provocative questions.

Representing a collection of work across a range of genres, ³WWW.² explores
how the internet has changed human relations and how we process time and
experience. Curator Toni Bennett Easterson, a Northfield artist, is
intrigued with the way in which the universal theme of the exhibit has
captured the imagination of some of our region¹s most prominent fiber and
textile artists.

³Visitors will be treated to a thought-provoking exhibit of remarkable
quality,² commented Easterson. ³Most of us agree that the role of art is to
interpret reality in some creative manner. ŒWWW.¹ offers refreshingly
diverse takes on the ways art reveals the life-changing reality of
contemporary communications technology. Themes range from how the internet
has deeply altered social interaction to how people manage the relatively
new phenomenon of limitless information.²

The exhibit is sponsored by the Northfield Arts Guild in partnership with
the Northfield Public Library and Art on Water Gallery. It runs through
August 6 at the Guild¹s Center for the Arts at 304 Division Street,

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