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Monday, August 13, 2012

SAQA/SDA Meetingon August 25

August 25th Members' Meeting & Workshop

Please join us August 25th for an exciting meeting, studio tour, and workshop at Stephanie Nordlin's beautiful lakefront house in Poplar Grove, IL. 

Workshop description: We will work on transfer dyeing silk scarves. A kit is $10, OR bring your own materials: white silk scarf, muslin 2" wider than scarf and 4" longer, 8 silk ties (will get cut up), scissors, and curling ribbon any color. 

Logistics: We will have potluck lunch at Noon, then a meeting, studio tour, and start the workshop at 1:30.

Please RSVP by August 20th to Jeanette, we need to let Stephanie know how many people will be attending the workshop. Workshop limited to 18.
Even if you can't do the workshop, feel free to come for the meeting and tour.

Driving Directions:  From Chicago take I-90 to Genoa Rd exit at Belvidere. Turn right at light and go to Rt 76 (at the fairgrounds). Turn right and go to Candlewick Lake entrance on left. Stop at gate and give name and my address, 1672 Candlewick Dr. Go to next stop sign and turn left onto Candlewick Dr. Go 1.5 miles to blue house on lake. We have a STRICT 25mph SPEED LIMIT and FULL STOP at signs.

From the north exit I-90 at Rt 173 and go east to Rt 76, turn right and go to lake entrance on right. Follow above instructions to house.

Call Stephanie's cell 815-621-0641

We had a great time at the July Golden workshop.



Blind Eye: The Result of Doing Nothing, the first ever Midwest SDA members' exhibition.Which will be anofficial part of Chicago Artist Month, including an artists talk on October 20th.

Exhibition Concept:  Too often we see tragic situations that result from the lack of action. This exhibition hopes to explore the destructive results of ignoring a situation, including people's ignorance to thinking everything will be ok when they choose to not get involved in making the world a better place. This includes small everyday actions to the grand and global.
Pieces will be 15" x 15" and must be able to hang on a wall

Due in early September 2012

Check out IL SDA blog for full prospectus 
Exhibition will be at The HumanThread Gallery in Pilsen in October 

Open to all Midwest Surface Design Association members
Jeanette Thompson, the SDA rep has invited SAQA members to also contriubte to the exhibit!

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