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Thursday, July 2, 2015

Eye and the Needle Exhibit Reception at the Monroe Arts Center

Eye and the Needle Exhibit Reception

Work by Carole Frocillo, Joy Lavrencik and Mary Ellen Heus

The Reception for the SAQA ILWI Regional exhibit,The Eye and the Needle was Friday, June 26,2015 at the Monroe Arts Center in Monroe WI.

     SAQA ILWI Co rep, Cynthia Wenslow, Esmay, and Val Rodelli were all in attendance. Pat Kroth, Exhibition Co-curator gave a few introductory remarks. 
    It was a fun event and well attended by the community. The exhibit was paired with Fond Du Lac glass artist Beth Campshure and a group exhibit by the Drifless Area Artists.

Fond Du Lac Glass artist, Beth Campshure with Barbara Schneider's Line Dance
Val Rodelli with Dusk in Argentina

Pat Kroth and Beth Campshure with Gallery Curators Sue Barrett and Dunnell.

Visitors enjoy the Eye and the Needle

The exhibit continues until August 14, 2015.    Monroe Arts Center  Frehner Gallery
1315 11th Street, Monroe,WI 53566
Work by Sue Jackan, Frieda Anderson and Pat Kroth
Barbara Schneider's Reflections
Visitors with work by Pat Bishop and Val Rodelli