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Saturday, July 18, 2009

Yellow Chair by Laura Wasilowski

Photography Services

I have a bad case of fish-eye photo. When taking photos of my art quilts, my little digital camera cannot be placed distant enough from the work in my small studio space to produce a nice square image of the quilt. And the studio lighting is something like that found in Clan of the Cave Bear.
But now I have discovered the friendly photographers of Media Services at NIU (Northern Illinois University, DeKalb IL).
The price is right, about $75 for 10 quilts including a full shot and 1 detail. Turn around time is about a week and you receive a CD master of the images as TIFFs and a color print out as well. Call first to set up a delivery time, 815-753-6676. I highly recommend them. (No affiliation although I am an old graduate and once ate at the cafeteria.)