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Monday, April 19, 2010

Jean Judd

Once again we are featuring one of our members. Please meet Jean Judd.
Every quilt tells a story and every quilt is unique. The common factor in all quilts is that fabric and thread are used to create a piece of art. To many viewers, cutting up perfectly good pieces of fabric into little pieces and then sewing them together again into a totally different looking piece of fabric, is unbelievable.
Who would want to do this day in and day out? The dedicated quilt artist and fabric collector! I have always enjoyed putting jigsaw puzzles together and the same person who enjoys jigsaw puzzles (discovering a finished masterpiece constructed of hundreds or even thousands of little pieces) is drawn to the magic of quilt design. Each quilt design is a puzzle waiting to be put together. The design starts in the quilt artist’s mind and is eventually transferred into reality with the final stitch in the quilt.
Many times the original design is nothing like the finished artwork but this just adds to the excitement and the design potential for the next design. What starts in the mind is often transformed into a bigger, better, and more dramatic finished quilt than the artist ever imagined. I prefer to make my own quilts from my own designs and not copy what someone else has already done before.
Some of my work may have a similar theme or starting point, but change from there as the piece is designed. An example would be the on-going series of art quilts featuring hand worked cross stitch designs used as the center medallions. Blue Angel, Butterflies in the Dark, and Eagle Wings are just three examples in this series. Two others were completed prior to 2006 and more are in the planning stages.
clip_image002[4]Art Deco #1 is the first completed piece in one of my new series started during March of 2008 and completed in 2009. Art Deco #2 sold at auction online in September 2009. There are more pieces in the early stages of rough design in my sketchbook which will go into construction in 2010.
Scribble #1 (Dream Weaver) is the beginning of a new series started in March of 2009. This series is based on crayon artwork that I did as a young child. The second piece in this series is in the final construction stage, with the black leading being hand appliqu├ęd at this time. I am currently working on new designs to include in this series as well.
Fractured ‘Gello #1 is my most recently completed piece and is the beginning of a new series started in April of 2009. The next two pieces (much larger in size than #1) are already constructed, and are waiting for the fracturing process, and then the hand quilting will complete these two pieces. Images of these works are on my web site in the Works in Progress page.
clip_image002[6]Stained Glass Mosaic #1-4 is a series started in 2007. Pieces #2-4 were inspired by the fabric used in the pieces. Stained Glass Mosaic #2 is in Quilts Inc. founder Karey Bresenhan of Houston, Texas. Stained Glass Mosaic #3 was part of the NQA Little Quilt auction in 2008 and was sold there. More exploration of this series is planned in 2011.
Most of my pieces are one-of-kind art quilts. Each art quilt is quilted and bound by hand, and the quilting design is developed as the stitching is being done. Designing art quilts is a never ending process, and more are just waiting to be set into fabric.
Jean M. Judd, Textile Artist
2807 State Road 87
Cushing, WI 54006-3209
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  1. What a great article Jean! I also enjoyed your recent article in the SAQA Journal regarding working in a series. Keep up the good work!

  2. Thanks for the comment, Laura and taking the time out of your busy schedule to keep up with what is happening on the regional blog. Its going to be interesting reading about each member and getting to know them better.