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Thursday, April 10, 2014

Jean M. Judd/Profiles in Passion Volume One

Greetings All,
Textile artist Jean M. Judd of Cushing, Wisconsin was one of 51 artists and artisans selected for inclusion in the Profiles in Passion Volume One: Artists & Artisans book just released March of 2014 by freelance writer, Buz Swerkstrom.
Swerkstrom has spent the last 30 years interviewing over 300 artists and artisans in northwestern Wisconsin and beyond. These interviews conducted with a tape recorder and still camera, reveal the creative passion each of these featured people bring to their work. Originally small portions of these interviews were featured in regional newspapers and magazines. They are now are being expanded to provide a more clear and whole picture of each artist’s passion, process, and personal story.
This first volume features artists who work with wood, metal, ceramics, glass, textiles, film, paint, photography, and several other mediums. The interviews in their studios are recreated here in such a way that readers will feel they are part of the conversation.

The book is available on, Barnes and Noble, and other brick and mortar booksellers as well as directly from the writer.
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Jean M. Judd, N.S.A.
Textile Artist and Author
2807 State Road 87
Cushing, WI 54006-3209
Phone: 715.566.0212
Web Site:

Xanadu Gallery (Scottsdale, AZ):
Busacca Gallery (San Francisco, CA):
Art Rent & Lease (Oregon & Minnesota):
Online Galleries:

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