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Thursday, September 29, 2016

70 at 70- new publication by Barbara Schneider

From SAQA ILWI member and former regional co-rep Barbara Schneider:
As some of you know I just celebrated my 70th birthday. It does NOT seem possible that time has passed so quickly. 
I decided that it was a good opportunity to look backward and forward in terms of my artist’s path.  The result was that I created a book, 70 at 70, in which I showcase 70 pieces of artwork, organized in a way to tell why these pieces matter. It became my birthday present to my family and a few friends.

It was very satisfying to go through the process of looking and selecting pieces, and remembering when they were made and for what purpose. I hope to do this again – 80 at 80 and even more hopefully, 90 x 90! And it was easier than trying to give away 70 pieces of artwork.
Other friends have been asking about getting a copy.  It is available on Blurb at:

Because it is large format and it takes a lot of pages to cover 70 pieces it is not an inexpensive book. If you are interested I hope you enjoy it.

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